COMPEQUIP offers a full line of electrotherapy devices to treat various musculoskeletal dysfunctions, pain or disease. Electrotherapy is a treatment which uses electrical stimulation applied to nerves and muscles via electro-pads placed on the skin. The various devices work in slightly different ways, depending on the problem being treated. Certain devices excel at treating pain, while others specialize in muscle stimulation. Bone Growth stimulators promote healing in non-union fractures. Devices that help control both chronic and acute pain fall into one of three categories: Interferential, Microcurrent, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Whichever type you require, COMPEQUIP has what’s needed to provide an effective, non-narcotic alternative or supplement to drug therapy.

Bone Growth Stimulators
EMS (Muscle Stimulators)
Combo 4- Channel Stimulators
TENS Units
Micro-Z Stimulators