Recent years have seen significant technological advancements being made in the development of Orthotic & Prosthetic devices. Improved materials and technologies are enabling many individuals with disabilities to return to activities they previously enjoyed. COMPEQUIP understands that the range of options offered today require a well trained orthotist/technician to analyze the individual needs of each patient and to develop appropriate recommendations. COMPEQUIP works hand-in-hand with experienced orthotists/technicians who work with the patient to ensure that optimal fit and function is achieved.

Orthotic Services

Braces and supports are an important specialty area that can dramatically improve the quality of life for people with certain musculoskeletal conditions caused congenitally or by injury or illness. Orthotics can help prevent an existing condition from getting worse. Treatment protocols encompass all areas of pediatrics, adults, neuromuscular disease, spinal, cranial, sports, and upper and lower extremity orthotics.

Prosthetic Services

Though typically rare, prosthetics can be costly and challenging to manage. Selecting a prosthetic provider can be overwhelming.  COMPEQUIP’s practitioners work closely with patients, physicians and the entire rehabilitation team to develop the best plan of treatment and support.

Areas of Expertise
Pediatric orthotic or prosthetic devices
Spinal orthotics
Lower and upper extremity prosthetics
Myoelectric prostheses
Sports prosthetics
Sports orthotics
Lower extremity orthotics
Post-polio bracing
Diabetic footware
Diabetic bracing and prosthetic care