Ossur Trainer Ligament Knee Brace

TrainerĀ® Ligament Brace by Ossur is a prefabricated functional knee brace designed for mild to moderate ligament injury and combined instability. Designed with a Dynamic Force Strap, the Ossur Trainer acts as a medial restraint that prevents excessive medial motion making the Trainer suitable for immediate post MCL/ACL trauma, MCL rehabilitation and sub-acute low level ACL management. This product is ideal for situations where medial hinge contact with the contralateral knee or sporting equipment is a problem for the end user.

  • CoolFlex Sleeve provide breathable compression and comfort
  • Hinge is always located on the outside of the knee
  • Dynamic Force Strap stabilizes the medial aspect during knee extension
  • Extension stops at 0 and 20 degrees and flexion stop at 70 allow for early management of knee injury
  • Extremely durable, injection-molded Triax shells combine strength with flexibility
  • Tempered carbon steel ROM hinge
  • Adjustable Tibial Strap (ATS) for improved suspension and fit