Ossur OAsys CartiCare Arthritis Knee Brace

OAsys is a dual upright knee brace for on-the-spot medial or lateral unloading of the knee joint to relieve the pain associated with unicompartmental osteoarthritis. Its double upright increases functional support for those patients with ligament instability. We equipped this unique brace with our new Accutrac™ ROM hinge, making it further suitable for post-op and long-term rehab [>4weeks] protocols requiring unloading and/or adjustable flexion/extension control. At work or play, Tte OAsys CartiCare by Ossur is designed to help provide varus/valgus unloading while at the same time offering functional brace support. The OAsys (Osteoarthritis System) Knee Brace brings lightweight comfort to those suffering from unicompartmental osteoarthritis. With a streamlined frame, neoprene liner and anatomically contoured condylar supports, you have a brace that helps insure comfort and compliance in the day-to-day activities of many OA suffers.

  • Single-pull lace closure enables easy application
  • Adjustable webspace strap allows size adjustment for increased comfort
  • Removable/adjustable palmar stay provides adjustability of immobilization angle
  • The soft suede material  where the brace contacts the skin is durable and breathable
  • Wicking liner moves moisture away from the skin for increased comfort
  • Features a hand-laminated rigid frame construction.
  • Six-point total support system helps compensate for medial-lateral, anterior-posterior, rotary & combined ligament instabilities.