DonJoy Ski Armor Ligament Knee Brace

THE SKI ARMOR (Extreme) , with its patented 4-point dynamic leverage system technology is lightweight and low profile but stronger than any of the current off-the-shelf braces. This brace was designed for strength and durability. State-of-the-art hyperextension stops keep your knees from hyperextending! The DonJoy Ski Armor has a Medial Ski Deflector along the medial or inner hinged of the knee brace. This deflector prevents the medial (inner) hinge from “hooking up” with the other brace or knee. This is incorporated into the hinge itself and cannot be removed. This feature is only available with the Ski Armor Knee Brace. The DonJoy Ski Armor is recommended when two armor braces are worn at the same time. If only one brace is to be worn, we recommend the DonJoy Short Armor (Extreme) Knee Brace.

  • 4-Points of Leverage is proven to be a superior design to control abnormal anterior/ posterior drawer.
  • Super lightweight, durable frame of 1/8″ 6061 t6 aircraft aluminum
  • Short Calf allows room for ski/motocross boot. Standard swooping thigh and short calf design provides excellent versatility.
  • Straps and liners feature a low profile and thermal formed design for comfort and durability. Low profile frame fits under pants, dresses and uniforms.
  • Overlap on cuff liners reduces pinching on heavier people. Less chance of popliteal binding w/ lower profile pads.
  • Braces come with 10° stops installed and a flexion/hyperextension kit is available.
  • Features a sleek Silver-Vein Powder special matted powder coat for added durability.
  • Choose from ACL, PCL or Combined strapping.