DonJoy Fource Point Ligament Knee Brace

Taking ligament bracing to the next level, DonJoy is please to introduce its new functional ACL ligament knee brace with its patented 4-point dynamic leverage system technology. The FourcePoint Technology was developed to further protect the ACL and enhance the Four Points of Leverage brace design. The patented FourcePoint hinges are designed to react during leg extension and offer an increasing resistance in the last 35 degrees of extension, in order to reduce extension shock and increased posterior tibial loads. The hinge has 3 adjustment settings to vary the amount of resistance to meet the specification of the physician’s protocols.

  • Adjustable resistance offered in 25-0, 35-10, 45-20, 55-30, 65-40 (range indicates the flexion angle at which resistance begins, the second number is the terminal end point.) 35-10(factory installed setting).
  • Enhanced 4-point dynamic leverage system.
  • Gradual “soft” stop to extension.
  • 7 sizes and 2 lengths (Standard 16″ and Small 14″)
  • Standard anti migration Supra Condyle pad.
  • Moldable cuffs for custom fit.
  • Removable thermal-formed liners and strap pads.
  • Flexion/extension stops.
  • One-year warranty on frame and hinge / six months on softgoods.
  • Available only in black.