DonJoy Armor w/Lo Pro Fource Point Hinge

The Armor FourcePoint™ design combines a strong lightweight aircraft quality aluminum frame and the first low profile FourcePoint™ hinge with a protective steel outer plate. By combining 2 patented DonJoy technologies, the 4-Points-of-Leverage™ and FourcePoint™ hinge technology, the new Armor FourcePoint™ provides one of the most powerful clinically-proven solutions to protect the ACL. No other brace offers such protection for ACL instabilities. Reduces extension shock by providing increase resistance in the last 25 degrees of extension.  The strap tabs swivel up to 15-degrees to accommodate changing leg and muscle positions. Whether you’re short or tall, buff or lanky, this brace is designed to deliver pure performance comfort.

  • Gradual “soft” stop to extension.
  • Low profile frame fits under pants, dresses and uniforms. Will reduce probability of rubbing opposite leg. Fits like a glove.
  • Moldable, medial swooping frame for custom fit.
  • Straps and liners feature a low profile and thermal formed design for comfort and durability.
  • Overlap on cuff liners reduces pinching on heavier people. Less chance of popliteal binding w/ lower profile pads.
  • Standard anti-migration Supra Condyle Pad.
  • State-of-the-art hyperextension keep your knees from hyperextending! (Braces come with 10° stops installed and a flexion/hyperextension kit is available).
  • Calf Pinch Guard hooks on frame and acts as transition between boot and brace to prevent pinching between calf and brace. Extra charge applies.
  • Impact guard protects you from rocks, pegs, and blunt blows (Extra charge applies).
  • Color: Silver Vein.
  • Choose from standard calf or short calf.
  • Ski version contains a medial (inner) deflector to prevent two braces from catching at the hinges.
  • Available short calf for boot clearance.