Breg Solus OA Arthritis Knee Brace

The Solus knee brace provides maximum relief for medial compartmental osteoarthritis (OA) pain. Designed for activities of daily living, Solus delivers effective load dispersion to relieve the symptoms of OA, while its gel condyle pad, contoured straps, and soft, cushioned frame pads provide all-day comfort, support and suspension. The Solus features Breg’s patient-friendly thumbwheel dial hinge. This exclusive technology makes it easy to adjust the level of off-loading. With a simple turn of the dial, patients and clinicians can modify the amount of applied relief, while the read-out gauge allows patients to view load changes in .5mm increments.

  • Utilized for patients with disproportionate leg shape.
  • Sleek Frame Design.
  • Load Read-Out Gauge.
  • Convenient Thumbwheel Dial.
  • Soft, Contoured Frame Pads.
  • PivotPoint Strap Tabs.