Breg Men’s Fusion w/AirTech Knee Brace

From the gym to the job site, FUSION delivers all-around performance. With its revolutionary design, FUSION provides optimal ACL, PCL and collateral ligament protection. Its sleek, lightweight, premium aluminum frame is extremely low-profile, and features BREG’s proven proprietary ProForm technology, enabling a precise, contoured fit that keeps the brace solidly in place to defend the knee in virtually every situation. That means no migration and no compromises in protection. Its balanced design addresses anterior drawer, hyperextension, and varus/valgus loads, giving every wearer the freedom to perform.  Contoured fit effectively “pre-tensions” the medial side of the brace allowing the brace to engage sooner, resisting knee displacement, and greatly reducing injury-causing elongation of the ligaments.

  • AirTech frame pads have windows and channels that permit cooling air flow, while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin.
  • Contoured frame padding that conforms to the leg.
  • PivotPoint Strap Tabs contour to the leg for a superior fit.
  • Wrinklecoat only.
  • A lightweight, weather proof material that offers superior strength, Zytel is the leader in wear and friction products.
  • Custom braces available with choice of colors.
  • NEW stronger pivot point strap tabs contour to the leg for a superior fit.
  • This brace comes with a 1 year warranty on the frame and hinges, and a 6 month warranty on the straps/frame pads.
  • Custom FUSION with AirTech Innovation available if patient is out of size range.