Bledsoe Thruster RLF Arthritis Knee Brace

The Bledsoe Thruster RLF OA Knee Brace uses muscle power to place a medially (Thruster RLF Medial) or laterally (Thruster RLF Lateral) directed force against the knee during terminal extension to help relieve pain for moderate to severe symptomatic lateral or medial compartment arthrosis. The new strap saddle increases brace effectiveness and maximizes circumferential support by preventing strap indentation into the soft tissue. This enhances force and keeps the leg coupled to the hinge. The Thruster RLF has an easy adjustment dial for pain relief. Just push in and turn the dial, with the leg in flexion. The patient can adapt the brace immediately to resolve their level of pain. The Thruster RLF has a unique new closure system, borrowed from the ski industry…over-center buckles. Some patients have trouble fitting and tightening the straps that make OA braces function. The new overcenter buckle design provides a better fit and requires less effort and hand strength to operate. The buckles also reduce the wear on hook and loop strapping.

  • The femoral and tibial shells have been redesigned to be ergonomically more comfortable on the leg.
  • Short version available for people under 5’6″, and an athletes version slimmer calf muscle.
  • All adjustments of the hinge can now be made without any tools.
  • New denser pad material to allow the pads to be thinner, lighter and more comfortable.
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation, to aid in delaying osteotomy or total joint procedures, to increase daily walking time while increasing activities, and to aid in slowing the progression of the arthritic condition.
  • Indicated for post-operative or post-injury application following lateral and postero-lateral injuries to the connective tissues of the knee to help relieve stress on these healing structures.