Bledsoe Axiom-D ACL Aluminum Knee Brace

The AXIOM-D ACL OTS places increasing posterior force against the tibia as the knee moves into extension. This unique force prevents subluxation and supports natural quad and hamstring activity. It reduces the symptoms of ACL deficiency. For PCL deficiency, the AXIOM-D can place anterior force against the calf as the knee is flexed to reduce symptoms. Anti-migration design uses pivoting posterior calf strap plus a gastroc gripper pad to “lock” onto calf muscles. No-catch hinge design prevents the hinge from snagging objects or digging into the ground during aggressive sports play.

  • Tough new alloy composite shell will not deform from impact. Will not crack like carbon fiber. Weighs less too.
  • Customer must call if requesting Combined Instability.
  • ACL version does not have anterior thigh strap.
  • The unique Ratchet Release closure (pat. pend.) extends strap life. Hinges can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • All parts can be replaced by the patient using the tools provided.
  • New soft, velour-like padding for comfortable continuous wear.
  • Available with optional Hi-Activity shell pads for sport play.
  • Choose Standard or Athletic style based on sizing measurements.