DonJoy Hinged Lateral J Patella Tracker

Tubular lateral “J” buttress for lateral patellar mal-alignment.
Medial & Lateral aluminum hinges for additional stabilization.
Available in neoprene or Drytex versions.


The Hinged Lateral “J” provides additional medial and lateral support and compression for patients suffering from a wide range of patellofemoral disorders and knee instability.

The patented lateral “J” buttress provides stabilization for the kneecap during the most demanding activities. The lateral to medial strapping provides even more stabilization of the kneecap.

The tubular lateral “J” buttress is ideal for supporting lateral-patellar subluxation, dislocations or lateral patellofemoral mal-alignment.
Lateral to medial strapping for additional stabilization.
1/8″ neoprene for heat and compression or Drytex material for patients with allergies or irritations to neoprene.
Low-cost alternative to hinged braces.
Available in left or right configuration.
Only available in slip-on style.
For medial tracking conditions, order the opposite leg.
Aluminum medial and lateral uprights for collateral support.
Both materials only available in black.