Breg Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace

The Breg Patella Stabilizer is a low profile and cost effective alternative to other patella supports. The Breg Patella Stabilizer offers a sewn-in tubular inferior buttress for mild stabilization of the patella.  Offering warmth and compression, this slip on brace is constructed of the highest quality neoprene that holds its shape longer than most. The pull on sleeve offers durability, resiliency and long life.

  • Designed to provide support for patella tracking problems.
  • Sewn in tubular inferior buttress for stabilization of the knee cap.
  • Lightweight and anatomically shaped for superior fit.
  • Recommended for patellar tendonitis and chondromalacia.
  • Easy To Take On & Off.
  • Fits Either Left Or Right Knee.
  • Open Patella to stabilize knee cap.
  • Available in Neoprene only.