DonJoy Playmaker Drytex Knee Brace

Patented 4-point dynamic leverage system.
Polycentric hinge with contoured condyle shells.
Available with NEW FourcePoint Hinge Kit.


The DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Ligament Knee Brace Information

The DonJoy Drytex Playmaker is The Brace Shops most popular ligament knee brace. Functionality and price are the main highlights of this versatile high Level III knee brace.

The Playmaker Wraparound Drytex knee brace has been used by thousands of satisfied customers who require the strength of the DonJoy Polycentric hinge and the breath ability and lightness of the Drytex material. This brace is ideal for patients who have neoprene-based irritations or allergies or live in warm weather climates. Choose from slip-on or wrap-on styles.

Now available with the NEW FourcePoint ACL Hinge Kit.

Feature patented 4-point dynamic leverage system.***
Polycentric hinge with contoured condyle shells.
Suitable for mild to moderate ACL, PCL and MCL and LCL instabilities.
Low-profile, lightweight design.
Versatile strapping.
Polycentric hinge provides for extension stops: 10º, installed.
Additional stops available (extra charges apply).
Available in Neoprene Playmaker.
With or without popliteal cutout (cutout in the back of the brace to allow more breathability and prevent bunching).
Available in slip-on or wrap-around styles.
Additional full-circumference thigh strap for CL conversion.
90 day warranty on frame and hinge.
Now available with Patella Donut.
Now available with FourcePoint Hinge Kit (Extra Charge Applies).
FourcePoint Hinge is the only hinge clinically proven to protect the ACL, with an adjustable spring-loaded “braking system”, to gently control extension.
DropLock Hinge Playmaker is available. This brace locks the knee in full extension, and then allows a quick release “drop lock”, to allow full flexion. Ideal for post-operative use, post-polio and MS patients.