Ossur Express Arthritis Knee Brace

The most popular arthritis brace by Ossur. This lightweight arthritis brace is both effective and easy to use. The core of Ossur OA arthritis brace is the unique hinge technology-the Ossur Poli-Axial Hinge System. This technological advance provides unique biomechanical treatments for knee injury and disease.

  • Cost effective, off-the-shelf alternative.
  • Patented tamper-proof adjustable single axis joint system.
  • Clinician controlled varus/valgus adjustment.
  • Removable sleeve is machine washable.
  • Breathable CoolFlex material provides excellent wicking and drying.
  • Sleeve and straps are easy to use for patients with cognitive and manual dexterity deficiencies.
  • Semi-rigid shells.