DonJoy OA Everyday Knee Brace

  • Provides up to 6° of correction.
  • Allows patient to fine tune load to activities.
  • Ease of application: place the brace on the leg and not step through.
  • Light weight-19 oz.
  • Ergonomic sweeping medial thigh/calf frame.
  • Contoured cuff shells oppose the 3-Pt load and redistribute it across a broader surface area.
  • Swivel straps & Sili-grips, strap padding for anti migration.
  • Foam condyle pad with 100% memory foam for increased patient comfort and compliance.
  • Thermoformed suede padding is standard on each brace.
  • Patient controlled telescoping condyle pad allows patient to “fine tune” load according to activity level.
  • Available only in blue.
  • Shorter overall length (12-1/2″) 3″ shorter than an OAdjuster.
  • Measurements taken 6″ above mid-patella (Arthritis hinge is on opposite side of affected compartment).
  • Medial is the medical term for inner knee. Lateral refers to outer knee.