Breg Womens X2K-OA Arthritis Brace

There is a reason. The Women’s X2K®-OA Arthritis Knee Brace incorporates Breg’s distinctive diamond design to produce a strong, lightweight orthosis designed to fit her. The inherent strength of this design to resist varus/valgus bending is most important for optimal knee graft protection as well as unloading for unicompartmental OA. With her wider hip base, the valgus forces on the knee are greater on a female than male. That is why the diamond is so important to her.

  • Exceptional quality with custom fit design at an off-the-shelf price.
  • Revolutionary condyle pad system.
  • Addresses the pain associated with osteoarthritis and functional stability.
  • Revolutionary triangular design composite material.
  • Ultra-lightweight (approx. 20oz.) and low profile.
  • Using a simple tool, the patient can adjust the medial or lateral condyle pad to apply enough load to relieve osteoarthritic pain.
  • Available in powdercoat (metallic gray) coating only, 1/3 lighter than the plastisol version.
  • The bilateral hinge design keeps the knee joint stable and reduces rotation of the knee.
  • New Medium + size: extra size between medium and large for more custom fit.