Breg Mens Fusion OA Arthritis Knee Brace

We are pleased to introduce the NEW FUSION OA arthritis line by Breg. Finally, a functional OA brace that addresses not only the pain associated with unicompartmental osteoarthritis but also the stability for the high-impact user. This brace has a high strength frame and provides all the benefits of an arthritis brace and functional high impact brace. The Breg FUSION OA braces redefine the relationship between the brace and the leg. Other bracing designs surrounds the knee in a rigid rectangular structure. FUSION design protects the knee by working with it. For the high-impact user, this brace has a high strength frame combined with the unloader effect of an arthritis brace. BREG’s ProForm™ technology utilizes Zytel®, a strong yet flexible polymer that allows the FUSION brace to conform to the shape of the leg.

  • Precise, contoured fit effectively “pre-tensions” the medial side of the brace.
  • Allows the brace to engage sooner, resisting knee displacement.
  • Greatly reduces injury-causing elongation of the ligaments.
  • Enables the medial or lateral side to accommodate the changing axis of the knee through flexion and extension, keeping the FUSION brace solidly in place to protect the knee in every situation.
  • DuPont’s Zytel ST (Super Tough) is a nylon resin technology used in a host of rugged and consumer applications such as airbag canisters, welding masks, roof racks and extreme sports products ranging from snow boards to jet skis.
  • A lightweight, weather proof material that offers superior strength, Zytel is the leader in wear and friction products.
  • Constructed to meet the demands of the high-impact user.
  • Combines an impact-resistant frame design with lightweight, high-strength 2024 tempered aluminum.
  • Women’s OA in Fusion style only.
  • Women’s OA only available in Wrinklecoat finish. White only available in custom version.
  • Choose from Men’s Fusion OA or the stronger Fusion XT OA (Higher impact strength).
  • Designed for both athletic endeavors and normal daily activities, FUSION provides a precise fit and unmatched comfort, all in a sleek design that looks great.