Bledsoe Charcot Conformer Walking Boot

A unique “Automold” triple density foot bed comprised of an auto-molding innersole and a new pre-molded dual density mid sole is designed to evenly distribute weight across the entire bottom surface of the foot, and up to one inch (2.5 cm) on all sides of the foot. The innersole molds itself to the foot shape while the mid sole is specially designed to provide maximum perimeter loading superior to a total contact cast.

  • Can be removed for daily cleaning, dressing changes and medication.
  • Versatile-use one device for the entire duration of treatment.
  • Available only in Black.
  • Boot size according to shoe size. See sizing instructions.
  • Optional Air Ankle/Heel Pad (Air ankle/heel pad allows for ability to adjust ankle pressure for increased comfort and provides pneumatic ankle support.