Alimed D2 Plantar Fascia Night Splint

The Alimed D2 Night Splint is designed to maximize patient compliance with its hinged dorsal shell and dynamic stretch cord. Most night splints fail because they force the foot into a 90 degree position and expect the patient to tolerate this aggressive stretch for the entire night.  The D2 Night Splint overcomes this major source of patient noncompliance by allowing the patient to start with a more gradual stretch and progress as her condition improves. This progressive stretch night splint also enables adjustment of the position if discomfort increases.  The patient controls the degree of stretch, a stretch she can tolerate all night for maximum effectiveness. Here’s how it works Position the night splint on your patient and adjust the dynamic stretch cord to apply a dorsiflexion force that matches their tolerance level. Strap can be easily adjusted as your patient progresses.

  • Padded terry cloth liner wicks away moisture, helping keep skin dry and comfortable.
  • Dynamic stretch cord provides a low load stretch force that gently pulls the foot into dorsiflexion.
  • Articulating foot piece and soft bottom enhance safety and comfort during nighttime and ambulation.
  • ROM indicator allows for easy monitoring of progress for documentation.
  • Plush neoprene straps contour to fit the foot and calf for all-night comfort.
  • Adjust Dynamic Stretch cord in seconds for a dorsiflexion stretch force that can be sustained all night.
  • Numbered cord hooks allow patient to easily gauge progress
  • Up to 15 degrees dorsiflexion