Swede-O Arch Lok Hinged Stirrup Brace

The Swede-O Arch Lok is a unique brace that combines the support of a hinged stirrup with arch support. This versatile ankle support is ideal for patients that have ankle instability combined with foot instability due to flat feet or high arch feet. The footplate provides critical foot and arch support to help rehabilitate a recently injured ankle while resisting inversion and eversion.

  • Neutral arch position promotes healing of injured ligaments.
  • Orthotic footplate allows earlier weight bearing and return to normal gait.
  • Protects the ankle in the plantar flexed position.
  • Unique four strap adjustment system of the side supports provide near custom fit.
  • Medial forward design and contoured side supports help position the brace correctly and firmly to move in unison with the foot and ankle insuring fulltime protection and support.
  • Available only in black.