Bledsoe T-Chek Elbow Brace

The New Bledsoe T-Chek Elbow Brace is designed to handle post-op elbow arthroscopy, severe elbow strains and ligament trauma.  The Elbow Brace should be used when limited R.O.M. or locked control of the elbow is desired. In most cases, the Bledsoe T-Chek Elbow Brace can be formed, fitted and adjusted in 5 minutes or less.

  • Formable aluminum plates adjust to fit virtually any arm circumference.
  • Larger cuffs reduce pressure points and irritation on the arm.
  • Protected range of motion from -10º to 110º and/or lock the arm in any position from 0º to 100º in 10º increments.
  • Detachable, formable wrist-arm splint for increased stability of the forearm-wrist-hand.
  • Facilitates healing by maintaining proper post-op positioning.