Bauerfeind DorsoTrain Back Support

The DorsoTrain® Back Support is an orthosis for straightening and supporting the spine.  The spinal column is straightened and supported by a semi-flexible reclinator combined with non-elastic functional zones on the body section.

  • The reclinator is anatomically contoured and can be adapted to the individual as required.
  • Breathable, skin-friendly textile fibers make DorsoTrain extremely comfortable to wear.
  • DorsoTrain incorporates carbon-fiber reinforced plastic stays (reclinator) that run alongside the vertebrae.
  • Maximum freedom of movement.
  • The flexible body material ensures an ideal fit and is one of the reasons for the particularly good patient compliance.
  • The combination of a long zipper and a front-facing gusset fastener guarantee easy fitting and removal of DorsoTrain.