BioSkin Compression Shorts w/Groin Wrap

The Bioskin® Performance Compression Shorts with groin wrap improves athletic performance and endurance so you can play hard. The Bioskin® Performance Compression Shorts with groin wrap helps reduce your chance of injury during running, jumping and lifting activities. These shorts are used extensively by athletes to prevent injuries and during rehabilitation of a wide range of upper thigh conditions.

  • All the benefits of the Performance Compression Shorts along with an added groin wrap.
  • The Wrap may be adjusted to isolate compression for groin injuries.
  • Helps treat injuries of the hip flexors and high hamstring muscles.
  • Increase proprioception.
  • Indicated for quad contusions, ischiocapsular strain, iliofemoral sprain and thigh strain and hip flexor strain.
  • Available in five sizes.
  • Highest technology-based material available.
  • Compression shorts are non-returnable due to hygiene concerns.
  • Please measure carefully.