DonJoy RocketSoc Ankle Brace

Designed for superior stability, comfort and fit, the RocketSoc is available in Lace-Up, Neoprene and Drytex materials for the treatment and prevention of common or acute ankle injuries.  The RocketSoc is a step ahead of other ankle supports because of the easy-to-adjust peroneal forefoot and calcaneal heel lock straps which provide unsurpassed support to the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular and posterior talofibular ligaments.

  • Medial/lateral superior malleolus buttresses for comfort and migration prevention.
  • New lightweight, low profile design eliminates additional bulk while in your shoe.
  • Adjustable strapping.
  • Ideal for acute or chronic ankle sprains as well as prophylactic use.
  • Choose from Lace-Up, Drytex or Neoprene styles.
  • NOTE: Only available in BLACK. White is discontinued by the manufacturer.
Size Chart
Sizing Information XS- XXL Men Women
Extra Small (XS) Shoe Size 4 – 5.5 5 – 7.5
Small (S) Shoe Size 6 – 7.5 8 – 9.5
Medium (M) Shoe Size 8 – 9.5 10 – 11.5
Large (L) Shoe Size 10 – 11.5 12 – 13.5
Extra Large (XL) Shoe Size 12 – 13.5 n/a
Extra Extra Large (XXL) Shoe Size 14 – 16 n/a