DonJoy LS Velocity Hinged Ankle Brace

This revolutionary new brace utilizes several new, proprietary design features, resulting in a new level of ankle brace performance and providing the foundation for successful ankle injury prevention and treatment.  Three Velocity versions are available, affording patients and athletes multiple ankle support levels. ES offers extra support and rigidity. MS represents moderate support, and the LS offers lighter support.  The Velocity represents an evolution in DonJoy ankle brace technology.It is a low profile, lightweight ankle brace that prevents abnormal ankle inversion, eversion, and rotation while allowing natural, unrestricted dorsi- and plantar-flexion.  The combination of soft goods with a rigid, hinged foot plate and calf cuff provides unsurpassed levels of control, fit, and support.

  • Available only in black.
Size Chart
Small Medium Large
Men’s Shoe < 8 8 – 12 12 & up
Women’s Shoe < 9.5 9.5 – 13.5 13.5 & up
Measure Calf Circumference 8″ from Ground
Standard Calf 10″ & under
Wide Calf 10″ & up